Perhaps Plastic Explosives?

Perhaps Plastic Explosives?

Dedicated to all who contributed to one of Paul's favourite experiences. Thank you.
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 Public Enemies 'Vig

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PostSubject: Public Enemies 'Vig   Tue Feb 02, 2010 6:14 pm

Okay, okay; since you guys weren't gonna post this year, I'll go ahead Razz

Here is a new 'vig I built, it's my first shot at a building, so go easy on me Wink

It's for a contest going on over at the Brickarms forums (I check in there from time to time--I'm usually on Flickr nowadays though). The contest theme was movies, so I chose the bank robbery scene from Public Enemies.

I know I have several details off, such as the size of the bank, the doors, the stairway leading into the bank itself (from the doors), etc, but I'm thinking about enlarging this and adding the stairs and such, so any building tips would be appreciated (no telling when I'd get around to it though Wink ).

So...who's for pulling PPE? out of the grave?
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Public Enemies 'Vig
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